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Apple STEM and Science Back To School Fun

As we gear up for another exciting school year, why not begin with a deliciously engaging STEM unit centered around everyone's favorite fruit: apples! With a bit of creativity and a dash of curiosity, we'll explore science, math, and hands-on STEM activities that will surely captivate young minds. Let's dive into some ideas that I use in my classroom...such a juicy adventure of apple-themed learning!

I thought I would share some highlights of our back to school Apple lessons and STEM Challenges! Here are some quick and easy STEM stations and Science Ideas for you to try this September!

Apple STEM Ideas

Time to use apples to build, create, and work together as a team! What a great way to start off the school year!

1. Let's Build Apple Towers

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Challenge students to construct the tallest apple tower using toothpicks and apple slices.

Encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking as they balance and stack their apple structures.

2. Let's Build an Apple Boat

Introduce the concept of buoyancy and density by creating small boats out of apples. Test the boats in a basin of water and see if they float or sink.

3. Let's Build an Apple Tree

Get crafty and artistic by creating apple trees using construction paper, toilet paper tubes, and pipe cleaners.

Explore the anatomy of an apple tree and its life cycle by making an apple tree with roots, trunk, branches, and leaves...but don't forget the apple to sit on top.

4. Let's Build an Apple Picker

Children can use their apple picker to "harvest" apples (apple-shaped cutouts) around the classroom.

Students can design and build using recycleables so that it can reach out and grab that apple!

Apple Science Ideas

1. How Do We Preserve Apples?

Set up a station to discuss different methods of apple preservation using common kitchen solids and liquids such as milk, vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda to start.

2. Do Apples Sink or Float?

Fill containers with water and have students predict whether various apple varieties will sink or float.

Test their hypotheses and discuss the factors affecting buoyancy. This is a great start to matter and objects that sink and float.

3. How Heavy or Wide Are Apples?

Use scales and measuring tools to weigh and measure apples. Practice math skills by recording and comparing the data.

4. Applesauce-Making Adventure

Engage students in a hands-on cooking activity by making applesauce together. Using the five senses

and writing as they create a recipe are a perfect way to see how they create with words at the beginning of the year.

apple science, apple stations, back to school

5. Apple Prints Art Activity

Dip apple halves into paint and create beautiful prints on paper. I love cutting the apple in half to use as a paint brush! Discuss the different shapes and patterns the apples create. Incorporating these fun activities will surely make the first few weeks of school enjoyable and educational.

Not only will your students have a blast, but they will also develop crucial STEM skills that will serve as a foundation for their learning journey. So, let's welcome the back-to-school season with a bunch of apples and a bushel of excitement! Want something to help you out? Grab this STEM and Science Apple Pack on TPT or right here on my site for your first through third graders to make it even easier!

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Why Grab this pack?

The Juicy Core of STEM Education:

As educators, we understand the importance of fostering a love for learning at an early age. What better way to accomplish this than through the universally beloved fruit - the apple! This comprehensive Science and STEM pack has been thoughtfully crafted to provide a hands-on learning experience that is both captivating and enriching.

An Orchard of Learning Opportunities:

This pack is brimming with a diverse array of activities, experiments, and resources that cater to different learning styles and age groups. Whether you're a teacher in the classroom or a parent looking for engaging activities at home, the Apple Science and STEM Pack has something for everyone.

Here are some great non-fiction picture books I use each year:

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1. Apple Life Cycle Exploration:

Take your learners on an incredible journey of discovery as they uncover the secrets of an apple's life cycle. Through diagrams and interactive activities, students will witness the transformation from seed to fruit-bearing tree, gaining a deeper appreciation for nature's wondrous processes.

2. The Science of Taste:

Ever wondered why apples taste different depending on their color? This pack includes a fun taste-testing experiment that allows children to explore the science behind taste and learn how our senses work together to identify flavors. Prepare for some surprised taste buds!

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3. Engineering Apple Structures:

STEM education is all about inspiring creative problem-solving skills. With this pack, children will be introduced to engineering concepts as they design and build various structures using apple slices as their building blocks. Who can create the tallest tower or the most amazing bridge? Let the creative juices flow!

4. Math and Apples:

Mathematics can be a treat, especially when apples are involved! From learning how to weigh apples to measuring the circumference of different apple varieties, this section makes math an enjoyable and interactive experience.

5. Artistic Apple Adventures:

Art and science converge in this section, where students can express their creativity through apple-themed art projects. From apple stamping to creating apple-inspired sculptures using those apple slices and toothpicks, this segment adds a splash of color and fun to the learning process.

6. Apple Investigations:

Turn your learners into science detectives with this interactive section. They will learn to observe, record, and draw conclusions through various apple investigations. Why do apples float? Do they sink in different liquids? Prepare to be amazed by their scientific process!

Why Choose the Apple Science and STEM Pack?

This pack designed to align with educational standards while stimulating curiosity and critical thinking. The Apple Science and STEM Pack not only offers an enriching educational experience but also encourages children to see the world around them with wonder and excitement.

Let's make science and STEM child's play in the School Yard!