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Apple Science and STEM Pack for 1st-3rd Grade

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Are you searching for an engaging and educational resource to ignite the passion for STEM and Science in your first to third-grade students? Look no further! Our Science and STEM Apple Pack is designed to captivate young minds, fostering curiosity and critical thinking while making learning all about apple.

Hands-On Experiments to get your class engaged and ready to learn science in an easy and engaging way!

Aligned with Curriculum Standards:

  • Life cycle of an apple
  • Apples and our five senses
  • Apple Taste Testing
  • The parts of an apple
  • Apple Stations including weight and width
  • Compare and Contrast apples and quiz
  • Apple science experiments such as sink and float, preserving apples, and five senses
  • Apple Facts
  • Apple Art
  • Apple Sauce making
  • STEM stations including: apple tree, apple boats, apple towers, and apple pickers
  1. Interactive Worksheets: Keep your students engaged with our interactive worksheets that complement the experiments.
  2. Visual Aids and Infographics: Complex concepts are simplified infographics. These visuals help visual learners grasp abstract ideas more effectively and retain knowledge for longer.
  3. STEM apple-themed Challenges: Learning should be fun!
  4. Printable Resources: With printable resources for your students to show what they know

Unlock the wonders of STEM and Science for your first to third-grade students with this easy to use STEM and Science Apple Pack!

This pack is filled with 46 pages of lessons, hands on activities, models, and more! This pack covers: day and night, seasons, and moon phases.

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You will get a PDF (8MB) file