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I'm so glad you found me in the School Yard! I have over 30 years of teaching under my belt. I love Science, School Gardens, STEAM, Makerspace, Digital Resources, Literacy, and After School Education mixed with enjoying a bit of time with my four adult children, hubby, and rescue weim Reggie! I live "up north" on a lake where I believe that we should enjoy the simple things in live like gardening and walks in the woods!

-I believe that students need hands on activities that engage them and create the love of learning

-I believe school should be fun!

-I believe all students need to be leaders in their classroom and school. Students at any age can be accountable for their learning and set wildly important goals that they can obtain

-I believe in each part of STEAM because it helps students learn how to work with others, problem solve, and be creative!

I am so glad that you are here! Together we Together we can make learning child's play!