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Makerspace 3rd Grade Wit and Wisdom Bundle

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STEM/Makerspace Wit and Wisdom 3rd Grade Task Cards are perfect for using in your Maker Space as well as for your Wit and Wisdom 3rd Grade Reading Units! Join the Maker Movement by giving your students time to create, tinker, problem solve, and invent! You don't have to have this reading series to use this amazing STEM pack!

Bundle includes the following Wit and Wisdom themes:

  • The Sea
  • Outerspace
  • A New Home

Each pack revolves around a Wit and Wisdom theme from the Sea, Outerspace, and a New Home. Each pack has...

-7 task cards in full color/ 7 cards with for less ink printing

-task card cover

-record sheet

-bulletin board letters for a Outer Space Themed board

-Writing connections sheets

-Maker Space Rules Poster

-Directions and How To's

This bundle with themed task cards offers your students opportunities to join the Maker Space Movement and embrace their creativity in the process! It is a perfect tie in to your enrichment and intervention time, Wit and Wisdom reading lessons and more!

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You will get the following files:
  • PDF (6MB)
  • PDF (7MB)
  • PDF (7MB)