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Join me in the School Yard where learning is child's play! This site is designed for you. I’d love to help you with tips, ideas, solutions, and support for your elementary classroom. It's TIME to add STEAM to your day!

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Hi, There! I'm Renee!

I'm the teacher and creator of STEAM resources and curriculum. If your looking for low prep, top quality resources that focus on STEAM, Makerspace, Digital Science and Math as well as a sprinkle of Literacy connections, you've come to the right place!

With over three decades of classroom experience, I love designing resources that maximize engagement for my students as well as for yours!

Featured Blog Posts

November Upper Elementary Adventures: STEM, Culture, and Thanksgiving Using Picture Books
November is a time to dive into the rich history of the Mayflower, the Wampanoag, and First Thanksgiving, but how about adding a unique twist this year? Let's use STEM to teach culturally responsive lessons that touch on kindness, overcoming adv...
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7 Fun Ideas To Use With Creepy Carrots
Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds is one of my favorite fall children's book that offers a perfect opportunity for kindergarten through fifth-grade teachers to engage their students in a STEM lesson that incorporates writing, reading, and science. I l...
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Apple STEM and Science Back To School Fun
As we gear up for another exciting school year, why not begin with a deliciously engaging STEM unit centered around everyone's favorite fruit: apples! With a bit of creativity and a dash of curiosity, we'll explore science, math, and hands-on STEM ac...
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7 ideas for new k-5 science teachers, back to school help for new science teachers.
7 Tips For A Successful First Year As An Elementary Science Teacher
I remember how hard it was at first to walk into a new classroom becoming a new science teacher after over 20 years in the regular ed classroom. I figured out right away that I needed to get started right away getting my room ready and making it perf...
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fairy gardens, STEM, STEM resources, free STEM resource
Four Easy Steps to Outdoor Fairy Houses With Science and STEM Integration
As educators, we constantly strive to find innovative ways to engage our students in hands-on learning experiences. One exciting approach is to incorporate the enchantment of fairy gardens into our science curriculum. By combining the wonders of natu...
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STEM and What NOT to Do
As a teacher, incorporating STEM activities and hands-on engineering projects into your lesson plans can be an engaging and effective way to teach your students important skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. However, there are a few ...
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End of the School Year STEAM Ideas
As the school year comes to an end, it can be challenging to keep kids engaged and motivated. I've worked hard to keep them focused, but let me be isn't easy. What IS easy though is adding an engaging STEAM lesson and challenge to...
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Welcome to School Yard Resources
Welcome to my new STEAM teacher blog! As an educator, I understand the importance of incorporating STEM lessons into daily classroom activities. With this blog, I hope to provide valuable resources and ideas for educators to enhance their STEAM curri...
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